Irrigation Repair Is All We Do

Sprinkler System Repair

Sprinkler system repair is an important part of what we do. From leaks to faulty equipment- we can find it and fix it!

irrigation Repair

With more than 30 years in the irrigation industry, Charlotte Irrigation has the knowledge and experience to diagnose and complete sprinkler system repair for any number of problems that you may run into as the owner of an irrigation system.

When your sprinkler system requires a repair resulting from system aging, accidental damage from digging, freezing pipes, or misuse, our trained technicians can repair your system to restore it to operational condition!

Let us diagnose and repair your irrigation system today using our trained irrigation system repair technicians that are available 7 days a week!

Your irrigation system consists of:

  • Irrigation System Timer
  • Irrigation System Valves
  • Irrigation System Heads
  • Irrigation System Lines

Irrigation Installation

Our Pulling Method

Their Trenching Method

Backflow Repair

Your backflow is a critical part of your irrigation system and not all irrigation companies are able to perform backflow repairs.

Backflow failure
Typical Wilkins Back Flow crack due to freezing temps

A backflow valve typically resides between your home's main water supply connection and your sprinkler system to prevent any backwards water flow. This specialized valve ensures that your potable or drinking water source is not contaminated with debris or chemicals from the gardening area. However, backflow valves fail over time from daily wear and pressure -- water leaks commonly start between the cover's connection point and valve body. Also, if a backflow is not properly winterized it can crack and fail resulting in the need for expensive backflow repair and/or replacement.

Backflow preventer devices are designed to protect your water system from potentially toxic pollutants, so it is critical to keep them operating properly.

If your backflow is leaking and needs to be replaced please call us at 704-401-4004. We have experienced technicians, that repair and install sprinkler systems and back flow preventers.

If your backflow has been damaged we can repair it.

Have your Backflow Tested each Year, it is the law and our safety.

Mecklenburg County Ordinance 2269 states:

sec. 23.101(a) "It is unlawful for any customer to fail to maintain in good operating condition any backflow-prevention assembly which is required by this article and is part of the customer's private water system."

If your backflow valve body has a crack, you must replace the entire valve rather than repairing the internal components. The crack allows water to leak from the valve, causing possible water contamination and unnecessary waste.

Your backflow is an important and critical part of your sprinkler system. Please make sure to call us as soon as possible if your backflow needs repair or replacement. We have the right technicians and the right parts to take care of your backflow!

Backflow Leak
Febco Back Flow crack and leak


Irrigation Winterization & Sprinkler Blowout in Charlotte, NC

As winter approaches, you need to take steps to protect your irrigation system from expensive damage caused by freezing temperatures. The sprinkler system must be winterized before the cold weather arrives. Charlotte Irrigation offers a comprehensive winterization & sprinkler blowout service throughout Charlotte, NC. Call us today and ask about our irrigation winterization service.

Our fully trained irrigation technicians prepare your irrigation system for winter with a comprehensive winterization & sprinkler blowout service:

  • Shut off water supply & protect from freezing temperatures
  • Set irrigation controller to shut-down mode & ensure pumps cannot be activated
  • Drain any remaining water from the irrigation system by pressurized blow-out – removes excess water, preventing risk of damage to pipes caused by freezing during the winter months
  • Protect valves & backflow preventers if necessary

The pressurized sprinkler blowout is a critical, but potentially dangerous part of the process. If water is left in the irrigation system over winter it has the potential to freeze, expand & break the pipes. Our winterization service protects your system by reducing the chance of damage which can lead to expensive repairs. To ensure all water is removed, compressed air is used to blowout the sprinklers – due to the pressures involved, this is a potentially dangerous process & special care must be taken. We highly recommend that you call a professional irrigation company to carry out the winterization process for you. Charlotte Irrigation has many years of experience working across the area with our local customers to winterize, blowout and protect irrigation systems.